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Interview – Kristy Lee Wilson – Cirque du Soleil

SNI:  As a former champion gymnast and Cirque du Soleil performer, what do you miss most about competing/performing?

Kristy: Wow what do I miss most? Definitely not the injuries and embarrassing stacks that’s for sure!! I’d have to stay being on stage and the close friendships that develop amongst your teammates and even other athletes is what I miss the most. It’s a special bond you share with people you train with and who know what you have been through to get to that competition or performance stage. And believe it or shapeimage_1not I also miss the nerves, the pressure of having to hit your routines. Cirque was much tougher than sport for me as you had to be right on every night. In training you can mess up and that’s ok, you try fix it next time. But on that performance stage, if you mess up you kind of want to disappear through the stage and become invisible!

SNI: Training and performing in the Cirque is quite physically demanding; if you had to do it ‘all over again,’ what would you change about your diet, training or supplementation? (versus what you were taught as a youngster).

_MG_1198_crop_webKristy: I was not taught well as a youngster so I would change EVERYTHING!!! As a youngster I was taught to be a beautiful gymnast was to be skinny, and to be skinny it meant not eating. It’s no surprise my gymnastics career ended before it should have due to injuries. A malnourished athlete is not going to stay competitive for very long. I think the most important things I’d change are to 1) Listen to my body and not try to be superwoman and push through injuries and pain. Obviously this only makes them worse and makes recovery longer. 2) Fuel my body with good nutrition on a regular basis and not go days without eating or drinking a single thing. And 3) Supplement!! I believe high quality supplementation is absolutely essential for all athletes. We cannot get all the nutrients we need from foods alone. When I started using supplements on a regular basis it was amazing the difference I felt in my body. I felt more energized, could workout longer and harder, and was also recovering MUCH faster than without supplements.

SNI: How do you currently stay in shape?

Kristy: Well right now I am training for some fitness competitions so I lift 5 days a week , do cardio 2-3 three times a week, and then also practice my fitness skills. I love to be active and stay in shape. I took a little break recently but am back in the gym now and training hard. It’s my drug!!

SNI: Ok, give us some ‘dirt’ on the Cirque:-) What is the ‘craziest’ thing you’ve seen go on back stage or during training? I imagine Cirque performers are maniacal bunch:)

Kristy: Oh boy, where to even start!! Cirque performers are definitely a special bunch that’s for sure. There are so many things that have happened back stage, during training, and even on stage during shows!! People fall off the stage (I’m guilty of that one), They mess around back stage and scare the crap out of each other. Sometimes people forget cues or forget parts of their costumes. I remember one show I accidently put 2 legs in one leg of my costume. That was interesting and entertained everyone on stage! There’s usually something silly that goes on every day. I mean it is the circus after all. Cirque people are NOT normal ☺

SNI: Tell the audience what supplements you take and what are your favorite healthy foods?

Kristy: I actually really love USANA supplements. I take their HealthPak, Procosa, BiOmega, CoQuinone 30 and use their Nutrimeal for shakes. They also have an amazing energy drink that I am totally addicted to – Rev3. It’s awesome. If you like energy drinks, you seriously have to try this one. Then I also take Glutamine, BCAA’s and Creatine. My favorite healthy foods would have to be egg whites, sweet potatoes, any fruit, and I’m a huge fan of veggies too. Don’t like asparagus though. And I don’t care what anyone says but my all time healthy food is ice cream! It can be healthy if I convince myself it’s healthy right?!

SNI:  What are your future plans? Anything you want to promote?

Kristy: I actually just became a best-selling author! I contributed to The Definitive Guide to Youth Strength, Conditioning and Performance which was published by Celebrity Press and won an Editor’s Choice award for it. So I’d really love to do more writing in the future. I’ve always really wanted to make fitness DVD’s so that is going to be something else I’d like to look into doing soon too. Maybe move out west for a change also!

SNI’s Bonus question: If you could be a Superhero, who would it be and why?

Kristy: Ooh this is a FUN question!! Wow. Well in my dreams I have all these super powers! I can jump and fly and I can even turn myself invisible. I’m serious. It’s so cool!! So maybe a mix of Invisible Woman and Storm (from X-Men). I already have both these powers in my dreams. I can make myself invisible and whoever is touching me I can make them invisible too, and it’s so fun to be able to sneak up on the bad guys and give them what they deserve. It’s easy cause they can’t see me coming so I can play with them and make them nervous and then BAM! And Storm is cool because she can fly at high speeds and I’d love to be able to fly!! I can in my dreams – it’s awesome. An easy way to get away from the bad guys because you know you can never run fast in a dream. My alternative is to fly and be invisible at the same time. I can defeat anyone with those two powers!!

About Kristy

Kristy Lee Wilson is a former champion gymnast, and Cirque du Soleil performer based in Orlando, FL. Originally from Australia, Kristy has been an elite athlete for over 20 years, and has been wowing crowds performing with the world renowned Cirque du Soleil for the past 9 years. While still performing nightly with Cirque du Soleil, Kristy is now also making her mark in the fitness industry as a highly sought after Fitness Professional and Fitness Model.

Kristy has over 10 years experience as a nationally recognized gymnastics and trampoline coach. She has coached many State and National Champions and was named the State Tumbling Coach of Queensland in 2000.  Kristy holds numerous health and fitness certifications by some of the most respected fitness organizations in the world, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA).  For the past 9 years, Kristy has been wowing crowds performing with the world renowned Cirque du Soleilin the Orlando based production ‘La Nouba‘. She uses her own personal experiences and knowledge, both as a champion athlete and from what she has learned from being trained by top coaches and fitness professionals in the world, to help those who come in contact with her. Kristy recently became the new face of the ‘Gym in a Bag’ and is representing Flexsolate as a spokesperson and athlete.  She has been published in magazines including ‘Today and Tonight’ and ‘Fitness Forum Magazine’, and has been featured on numerous health and fitness websites. Kristy is also a member of the Board of Advisors for the ‘Excellence Through Exercise Foundation’. A foundation dedicated to helping fight Childhood Obesity. Also a Fitness Model, she has graced the cover of ‘Today and Tonight Magazine’, been featured in calendars, and has also been featured on top fitness websites such as ‘FitOrbit’, ‘World Physique’, ‘Fitness Star Network’, and the ‘Real Spot’. Through her customized personal training programs, exercise plans and nutritional advice, Kristy will keep you focused and motivated on your way to success! If you are READY to make the commitment and achieve your personal fitness goals, contact Kristy at kristyleefitness@me.com