An Ode to Nutrient Timing

  By Jose Antonio PhD FISSN FNSCA CSCS.  A few weeks back, one of my students asked me about a recent meta-analysis published in the Journal […]

Killing Pain or Killing Your Workout?

There are over 900 studies documenting the adverse effects of statin drugs designed to protect the heart by reducing cholesterol levels. Conversely, there have been […]

Science rocks pic
The Single “Training” Hypothesis

  By Jose Antonio PhD FISSN - If you are/were a science major at a college or university, then you’ve been taught the ‘scientific method.’  Scientists […]

out train a bad diet
Out-Supplement a Bad Diet

  By Jose Antonio PhD FISSN FNSCA Key points if you are too lazy to spend 7 minutes reading this:  Virtually every study on effective […]

Full Court D

By George L. Redmon PH.D.  Make It Rain Anabolically With Vitamin D  Unwavering literature indicates that physical and athletic performance peaks when 25-hydroxy-vitamin D [25(OH) […]

Getting Big: Stuff to Know

By Sergio Fontinhas – Skeletal muscle hypertrophy refers to an increase in cell size (due primarily to the addition of myofibrillar protein) following chronic heavy […]

Sprinter Schippers 400 x 400
1 vs 3 vs 5 vs 100 sets

  By Jose Antonio PhD.  How many sets and reps are best for strength? Size? Exercise performance? I’ll get to that.  First a quick note. […]