CrossFit – My Fiddy Cents

By Jose Antonio PhD FISSN.   I’ve been asked so much about CrossFit that I figured I’d share my fiddy cents worth.  Now mind you, […]

An Ode to Nutrient Timing

  By Jose Antonio PhD FISSN FNSCA CSCS.  A few weeks back, one of my students asked me about a recent meta-analysis published in the Journal […]

Caffeine – ‘Nuff Said

By Jose Antonio PhD. I love caffeine.  There!  I admit my addiction.  Me and caffeine are like a Antony & Cleopatra, Bacon & Eggs, or […]

Blend In The Beef To Bulk Up!

By George L. Redmon PhD. Current data indicates that a meal packed with 20g to 30g of protein has an anabolic impact because it increases […]

Protein Popcorn

  Popcorn is loved across the UK. Market analyst Mintel reports in 2013 the UK popcorn market as a whole was worth £53 million with […]

Gut health 2
Sweet Surprise

by Dr. Chantal Isabela Charo.  Oh no! Artificial sweeteners are destroying my gut microbiota!! Wait, what’s a microbiota?? Before you blindly cast your verdict on […]