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In Defense of Cortisol

by Jaime Tartar PhD –  “If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit.” – Johnnie Cochran – Wacky Attorney Why Do I Need to Write […]

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Train Not Just The Booty But The Brain

  by Deepika Chowdhury - Nutrition! I want to repeat that nutrition is the most important factor towards a great looking body. Because we are fitness enthusiasts, […]

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What a Pain in the…Back

  By Aimee Polgar DC-s, CISSN - Approximately 80% of people experience low back pain (LBP) in their life time, and low back pain does not […]

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You’re Lovin’ It!

  By Jose Antonio PhD FNSCA FISSN.  Bite-Sized McNuggets For You To Chew On: Studies on fast food and exercise are about as common as […]

Which Way for Whey?

Which way for whey? By Brian Klepacki, MS, CISSN, CSCS Are you sick and tired of trying to navigate through the world of choosing the […]

Killing Pain or Killing Your Workout?

There are over 900 studies documenting the adverse effects of statin drugs designed to protect the heart by reducing cholesterol levels. Conversely, there have been […]

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The Single “Training” Hypothesis

  By Jose Antonio PhD FISSN - If you are/were a science major at a college or university, then you’ve been taught the ‘scientific method.’  Scientists […]