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ISSN Europa University Workshops

Attend Europa University and learn to school your customers!  The sports nutrition industry changes daily. Products come and go. Trends spread quickly in our hyper-connected world. […]

Vanilla ice
Rice Rice Baby

by Jose Antonio PhD FISSN.  I really like white rice.  You know the sticky kind that you can pick up with your fingers and throw […]

Interview – Krista Varady PhD

Krista Varady PhD is an Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Nutrition at the University of Chicago-Illinois.  Her research is described as follows:  ”The long-term goal […]

CrossFit – My Fiddy Cents

By Jose Antonio PhD FISSN.   I’ve been asked so much about CrossFit that I figured I’d share my fiddy cents worth.  Now mind you, […]


by Jose Antonio PhD, – We’ve all done this.  And it almost always happens from Thanksgiving to the New Year’s holiday.  We overfeed.  Pumpkin […]

Creatine and Kids

By Jose Antonio, Ph.D. – Random Note:  A question came up regarding the effects of creatine supplementation on blood pressure.  For the life of me […]

Where’s the Beef?

By Jose Antonio PhD FISSN ( -  We all love protein.  I tell my students to eat as much of it as they can.  What’s […]

The Fat Way to Testosterone

  By George L. Redmon PhD ND – “Without enough fat and or cholesterol the body is severely hampered in its efforts to make steroid […]

Post Exercise Recovery with Chocolate Milk

  By Dr. Chantal Charo.  Ever thought about drinking chocolate milk instead of whey protein post workout shake? Dr. John Ivy’s group from the University […]