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Cardio Lowers RMR – A Fairy Tale

  by Jose Antonio PhD FNSCA FISSN. Today’s story is entitled “Cardio lowers RMR – A Fairy Tale.” Key Points to Remember There is a […]

Hierarchy of Evidence is Wrong

  By Jose Antonio PhD FNSCA FISSN. A pithy summary The typical ‘Hierarchy of Evidence’ is wrong. The gold standard in science will always be […]

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The Single “Training” Hypothesis

  By Jose Antonio PhD FISSN – If you are/were a science major at a college or university, then you’ve been taught the ‘scientific method.’  Scientists […]

Sprinter Schippers 400 x 400
1 vs 3 vs 5 vs 100 sets

  By Jose Antonio PhD.  How many sets and reps are best for strength? Size? Exercise performance? I’ll get to that.  First a quick note. […]

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Skeletal Muscle Fiber Hyperplasia

  by Jose Antonio PhD.   PREFACE –  It has been about a score (that’s 20 years for those who slept through English 101) since I’ve […]