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Vynna: Performance Nutrition by Women for Women! A Manifesto

VynnaVynna is a brand – and a movement: It’s time for a performance nutrition movement by women, for women, with active women owners, decision-makers, scientists, leaders, and support for a vision that lifts women up. It is time that active women have research and evidence-based products that support our strength, power and performance. Let’s build our bodies up rather than tear our bodies down. Let us dominate the world of nutrition for active women.  It’s time for us to feel free to feed and nourish our bodies and our brains for excellence, to be the most that we can be, not the least.  It’s time that the negative messages of restriction take a back seat to the science-based messages of fueling our training, so that beauty and aesthetics become the sustainable outcomes of beating the challenge and achieving peak performance at all levels, for all of us.

We have made incredible achievements in women’s athletics since the passage and institution of Title IX, and research has found that girls who play team sports are more likely to graduate from college, find a job, and be employed in male-dominated industries. According to data collected on the impact of Title IX legislation, “there is a direct link between playing sports in high school and earning a bigger salary as an adult”. Even so, girls are still six-times as likely as boys to drop out of sports during adolescence.We_Can_Do_It-540x700

We fill the void of research on the performance nutrition needs of women. Until now, diet world advice has masqueraded as sports nutrition for women, with dire consequences. The failed and harmful diet strategies promoted to girls and women to become leaner and sexually desirable lead to a loss of mental and physical energy and metabolic stability, lowering performance in the classroom and on the field. In time girls lose confidence, self-esteem and ambition.

Vynna is an homage to the Swedish heritage of our first product, born out of research from the esteemed Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Vynna (adapted from vinna) means “winning”, and we are a movement about winning women. Our mission is to support the health, well-being and performance of active women and girls.

We are proud to introduce a pioneering, bona-fide, and evidence-based female-centric performance nutrition brand. It’s time for active women scientists to do the research, active women executives to own and run the company, and active women visionaries to drive their own brand. It’s time for Vynna!

Dr. Sue Kleiner and Ms. Bernie Wooster-Wong

  • Co-founders & Co-CEOs
  • Vynna, LLC