Interview – Industry Icon Ericca Hoffman

female-bodybuilderSNI: How would you describe the state of female bodybuilding today? Would you want your daughter to emulate the physiques of today?

Ericca: Bodybuilding for women has almost ceased to exist. The figure competitions, fitness division, model, bikini rounds… while I’m not denying the effort or work they do to get in shape I think the expanded categories have detracted from the purity of what bodybuilding was. It was never about appealing to or being accepted by the masses, it was a personal journey taken by a very select few because it answered a need. The attraction in competing was in part because it required a dedication and sacrifices that not many would make.  It made me feel special!

 I don’t have an issue with the physiques of today because in my mind it’s still about a personal choice. If the look was what my daughter desired then she’d have my full understanding and support.  Oh, but she’d have to do it in a “healthy” way!

SNI: You’ve managed to say in tip-top shape over the years, what’s your secret?

Ericca:  You won’t believe it. My secret to staying lean; (because I’ll argue the “top shape” comment), is to never diet, drink heavily and train sporadically. Truth! I stopped dieting and started enjoying life, fun food, fatty foods,  carbs, beer, wine, vodka, tequila… My fridge/freezer looks like one you’d find in Animal House. All that plus I backed off on the training days and got leaner as a result. I’m not claiming that it’s the way to stay in shape or works for everyone but I’m not complaining and thank my parents immensely for my genetics!!

SNI: What’s the biggest misconception that guys have about women who are in incredible shape?

Ericca: I think it’s a tie between their misconception that being in-shape means we are conceited/ high-maintenance or that we hold them to the same standards.  “In shape” to me means spending less time needing to dress to hide flaws. What you see is what you get. And  we don’t hold the men we like  to the same standards as we hold ourselves. Really! Most in-shape women I know expect themselves to look good all the time. No muffin tops or wrinkles are tolerated but we happily accept the love handles, grey hair and crow’s feet on the guys we’re attracted to.

SNI: If you were to describe the ‘perfect meal’ for a client who wants to maintain or gain lean body mass and lose fat, what would that meal be?

Ericca: I wish a single meal could do it! How nice would that be? I’d say the perfect meal would be an egg white omelet made with 6-8 whites, two yolks, filled with onions, green peppers and mushrooms. Side of oatmeal with a sprinkle of cinnamon, dash of vanilla, packet of Equal and a few walnuts crunched up in it. Water to drink, black coffee my multi, fish oil and probiotics.


SNI: Where do you currently work?  What projects do you have on tap for 2012?

Ericca: I work as a National Sales Manager for California Natural Products. Fantastic company, genuine co- workers and the highest quality products you can find. The very best part of my job is that I get to travel 3 weeks out of the month and visit friends in the industry I’ve always loved. I get paid to be social! Projects on tap for 2012? Hmmmmm. Work-wise it’s to grow sales of CalNaturale’s Svelte until it’s a national, recognized brand and personally it’s to take up shooting, re-visit yoga and move my daughter out to California to be with me!

SNI: Name the celebrity who think is the best looking guy.  (okay, that’s a fun bonus question)…

Ericca: Can I pick a bunch of them and combine them into one??  Howie Long, Gerard Butler, Vin Diesel, The Rock, Alexander Skarsgård, Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, David Beckham and all time favorite Sean Connery.


Ericca Hoffman was a former professional female bodybuilder and model.  She earned her undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Minnesota Duluth.  Can you say cooooold!!!  Burr…After leaving competitive bodybuilding, she has worked with various sports nutrition brands such as Champion, MET-Rx, Worldwide Sports Nutrition and many others.  She is currently the  National Sales Manager of California Natural Products: