Interview – Melody Schoenfeld CSCS CMT RKC

SNI:  In your two decades of personal training, what is the single most common mistake people make it not achieving their fitness goals?

Melody: Not training with me. But seriously, folks. I would say no34342_10150209263960034_695900033_13383532_6982370_n_400x400t addressing the food issue is usually number 1. People think if they do extra pushups, the chocolate cake they ate for breakfast won’t matter. It just does not work like that. At least 70% of the equation is diet. You simply will not reach your goals if you don’t clean up what you consume.

SNI: You speak multiple languages. How does one say in all of these languages: “I’m a fat lazy slob and make too many excuses not to exercise.” LOL. Ok, seriously, you’ve heard all the excuses for not exercising. Are there any legitimate reasons NOT to exercise?

Melody: Full body cast (although I’d say you can still wiggle your earlobes). Full bed rest pregnancy. Having a raging case of Ebola.

In any event, all this stuff is temporary, and it’s best to get moving again as soon as your body allows you to. And don’t use your age as an excuse. The older you are, the more important it becomes.

SNI: What ‘diet’ or eating plan would you recommend for the average soccer mom who just wants to look better in her blue jeans? Paleo? High carb? Vegan?

Melody: Although I am personally 100% vegan and have been for 13 years, it’s not for everyone, and it’s not a mandate for optimal health. The main blueprint I recommend is this:

-eat seasonally, locally, organically, and as close to nature as possible

-go extremely heavy on the veggies, especially the dark green and bright orange ones.

-avoid added sugars.

-don’t be afraid of healthy fats.

-eat fresh fruit, especially berries.

-grains and meat/poultry/fish should not make up the bulk of your diet.

SNI: What are your top 10 favorite healthy foods to eat?

Melody: Dark green leafies like kale/chard/spinach/watercress, broccoli, orange sweet potatoes, cauliflower, avocadoes, raw cacao (I make really good sugar-free chocolates!), beans, spaghetti squash, Brussels sprouts, chia seeds. Also, this sprouted nut mix stuff called “Mango Goji Fire” they have in the bulk bni at Whole Foods. I know that’s 11, but it needed to be mentioned, because NOM.

SNI:  It’s the start of 2013; give our audience your top 5 tips for achieving their fitness goals.


1) Write your goals down.

2) Make small, short-term (3 weeks or less), realistic goals that will lead up to the bigger goal (so, for instance, if you want to lose 30 lbs, your first short-term goal could be “quit soda”)

3) Reward yourself (non-food based!) when you achieve your mini-goals. Do not reward yourself if you don’t.

4) Just because it’s on the internet does not make it true– check your facts when researching exercises and dietary changes.

5) KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. The mental aspect plays a huge role in your success, no matter what your goal.