Interview – Anna Lepeley, PhD, CSCS, CISSN

SNI:  What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard uttered by a so-called expert?

Anna: If I had a nickel for all the dumb things I’ve heard from so-called “experts”, I’d have more money than a priest. Apparently everyone is an expert these days.

I once had to [involuntarily] debate a guy who claimed to be an expert. He went to the university of watching-liberal documentaries-on-veganism. He claimed that meat and dairy were the cause of obesity in this country today. As I stood with a steak in my hand and gave my physique a quick look over I realized my meat-eating muscles were much more happy than his adipose-infested, estrogen-dominated curvature. Not to mention, he also had a wattle. I told him people are fat because they don’t want to work out and think that eating like a cow or bird is going to get them all the protein they need.

And don’t get me started on the nonsense I see in gyms. I truly believe these personal trainers are setting up their clients for failure with weight loss (and sometimes an increased potential for injury). On a positive note, these infamous trainers are setting up their clients for successful career in the circus; doing one-legged bicep curls in a clown suit while alternating an uncoordinated lunge under an elephant. In the trainers’ defense, they claim they’re keeping their clients entertained. They’re just keeping me entertained as I watch and cringe between my unstoppable, abrupt bouts of laughter.

Cleanses and detoxes; liquid diets. I suppose people didn’t learn their lesson from Linda Hazzard (as if her last name wasn’t enough warning) of the early 1900s who proposed the ridiculously fatal starvation diets that share similarities with the bullshit we see today. Your lymphatic system, kidneys and liver do a pretty good job of detoxing your body but if you’d like to slow down your metabolism, suppress your immune system and be a cranky jerk for a week, be my guest!

SNI: Why are there so few libertarians in academics?

Anna: That’s a great question and the only answer I can come up with is that it’d make too much sense. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the libertarian party by Dr. Jose Antonio when he was my professor years ago.

SNI: Who would you rather have dinner with, Sir Isaac Newton, Ron Jeremy, Joan Rivers, or Justin Bieber?

Anna: Hands down, Joan Rivers. That lady should run for president and have Howard Stern be her VP.

I’m sure Sir Isaac would be incredibly insightful but given our differences in eras of existence, his lingo would cause for some discrepancies in our verbal exchange. Did they use the “f” word back in those days? Otherwise, I’d kindly ask to try on his wig.

Ron Jeremy- I’ll pass. He makes for a great appetite suppressant. I actually gave seminars at a conference and was in the line-up with Jeremy. (I promise my talk was very scientific but very entertaining at that. The only difference is I could use profane language at this conference because it wasn’t filled with tightwads from academia.) Here’s my take on Ron Jeremy. He gets paid to give seminars, do appearances and sign autographs for a bunch of goons yet he looks like he hasn’t bathed in three months and wears sweat pants and crocs. If you get paid to present yourself somewhere – clean up! He looks like he’s been residing inside of an elephant’s anus since the 70s.

I’d also pass on Bieber. Although, I’d love to help him get his testosterone levels up in a weight room. He’s way past puberty and looks like a female undergoing her initial phase of gender reassignment. Hit the weights and pull up your pants Justy! Little girls are going to be embarrassed when they look back on their youth and realize who they idolized.

SNI: Why do you think so many journalists in the mainstream press are completely ignorant of the science (vis a vis sports nutrition)? Is it a general lack of science knowledge? Or they’re just too dumb to learn science?

Anna: I think the media is always looking to shock people. It’s their job. People want to read outlandish headlines. By the time a research finding reaches a media source, it’s been taken apart and misconstrued. It’s just like playing telephone, except with idiots. If the readers actually took the time to read the sourced research (if they could understand it), they’d wonder what the hell the journalist was on when they wrote the article. Perhaps it’s all become political too. You don’t need science in politics; just a bible and some pictures of Paul Ryan struggling to curl a dumbbell and showing the world that he doesn’t train legs.

SNI: What are your top 5 supplements for athletic performance?

Anna:  1. Whey protein is a must have! Good fun for all ages; guys, girls and trannies. You can’t live without it. It’s the vital complement to your exercise regimen, speeds up your recovery, lessens muscle damage and improves your antioxidant capacity. Whey protein is the best but if you have a dairy allergy, like me, throw in some extra essential amino acids (throw in some extra EAA’s even if you can have whey) to your alternative protein source. No soy protein, thanks. I still think soy and hemp proteins are for hippies.

2. Caffeine! The best physical and cognitive performance-enhancing supplement. Critics, doctors and the [aforementioned] journalists like to bite their nails at the thought of a caffeine addiction and its habit-forming characteristics. There’s nothing wrong with being a caffeine addict. You’ll never steal an old lady’s purse or beg in the streets if you’re caffeine deprived. You might punch someone in the face if they rub you the wrong way but a cup of coffee should quickly appease the fix. The Mr. Miyagi in me must advise that you use caffeine wisely. Don’t abuse its benefits. Don’t drink an energy drink and sit your fat-ass on the couch to watch a football game. Don’t desensitize so you can continuously reap the benefits of caffeine. Take caffeine prior (60-25 minutes) to your task (i.e. exercise, physical activity, studying) and ease into your dose if you’re a caffeine-rookie.

3. Creatine! Good for guys, good for girls and good for your grandma. It’s great for long-term body composition enhancements, exercise performance, brain function and is one of my top choices for antioxidants!

4. Beta-alanine. The most successful (and practical) way to boost your intramuscular carnosine levels. Plus, who can resist the tingles (paresthesia)??

5. Fish oil; attenuates the inevitable exercise-induced inflammatory responses experienced by athletes and supports healthy brain function.

SNI: Last but not least, if you could be a super hero, who would it be?

Anna: Hulk! The female version, of course; just as strong!


Anna Lepeley, PhD, CSCS, CISSN recently finished her doctorate in Sports Nutrition research, conducting the first study to examine the acute effects of pre-exercise whey protein, versus carbohydrate, consumption on resistance exercise performance and ratings of perceived exertion in trained females. Anna was a former radio talk-show co-host with Dr. Jose Antonio. Anna does freelance work for food & beverage/supplement companies; writing and spokesperson work. Anna provides seminars on an array of health topics; always entertaining her audience while educating them.


Anna Lepeley, PhD, CSCS, CISSN

  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Strength & Conditioning Specialist
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