Full Court D

By George L. Redmon PH.D.  Make It Rain Anabolically With Vitamin D  Unwavering literature indicates that physical and athletic performance peaks when 25-hydroxy-vitamin D [25(OH) […]

Getting Big: Stuff to Know

By Sergio Fontinhas – Skeletal muscle hypertrophy refers to an increase in cell size (due primarily to the addition of myofibrillar protein) following chronic heavy […]

Sprinter Schippers 400 x 400
1 vs 3 vs 5 vs 100 sets

  By Jose Antonio PhD.  How many sets and reps are best for strength? Size? Exercise performance? I’ll get to that.  First a quick note. […]

cat lifting
Skeletal Muscle Fiber Hyperplasia

  by Jose Antonio PhD.   PREFACE –  It has been about a score (that’s 20 years for those who slept through English 101) since I’ve […]

Caffeine – ‘Nuff Said

By Jose Antonio PhD. I love caffeine.  There!  I admit my addiction.  Me and caffeine are like a Antony & Cleopatra, Bacon & Eggs, or […]

Blend In The Beef To Bulk Up!

By George L. Redmon PhD. Current data indicates that a meal packed with 20g to 30g of protein has an anabolic impact because it increases […]

Protein Popcorn

  Popcorn is loved across the UK. Market analyst Mintel reports in 2013 the UK popcorn market as a whole was worth £53 million with […]